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Placing business at the center

Aziz & Kaye Socios

Our actions and
processes offer
a Business Law vision

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Strategic response,
with a long term vision

Who are we?

AZIZ & KAYE Business Law

is knowledge, focused and strategic work that integrates experienced specialists in corporate, transactional, financial and antitrust law, which strengthen our clients' decision making and actions.


Our approach:
Business law

Business law is more than a concept, it is a new way of practicing law.

Our expertise in each of the areas that make up the firm's practice allows us to accurately identify the obstacles and challenges in the legal and business environment of our clients, in order to generate a practical and efficient alternative that achieves success.

Our reason for being:

The closeness with which we attend to our clients' calls has strengthened and consolidated us at national and international level.

Our strategic legal advice model is aimed at all those individuals, companies and/or associations seeking advice and solutions in corporate, transactional, financial and antitrust law.