Initiative to create the National Institute of Markets and Competition for Well-being (INMECOB)

The Senator of the Republic for Morena, Ricardo Monreal Ávila submitted an initiative to reform articles 27 and 28 of the Political Constitution of the United Mexican States, to create the National Institute of Markets and Competition for Well-being (INMECOB), an autonomous body, with legal personality and its own assets, whose purpose would be to ensure the welfare of the people.

It is proposed that INMECOB bring together the powers of IFT, COFECE and CRE (exclusively as regards the electricity industry). The new institute implies the appointment of 5 staggered directors, with a duration of 7 years. The following powers are proposed:


  • Guarantee and promote free competition and antitrust in Mexico;
  • Prevent, investigate and combat monopolies, monopolistic practices, concentrations and other restrictions on the efficient functioning of markets, as well as imposing sanctions derived from such conduct;

Energy, Telecommunications and Broadcasting

  • Regulate, promote and supervise the use and exploitation of the radioelectric spectrum; the provision of telecommunications and broadcasting services; access to active and passive infrastructure; and other essential facilities; according to articles 6o. and 7th. of this Constitution;
  • About telecommunications, granting concessions and deciding on their extension, modification or termination by revocation, rescue or bankruptcy, as well as authorizing assignments or changes of shareholding control, ownership or operation of related companies;
  • About electrical energy, telecommunications and broadcasting, issuing general administrative provisions, fundamental technical plans, guidelines, cost models, conformity assessment procedures, approval and certification procedures, and technical regulations; and
  • Regarding the electrical energy industry, protect the interests of users, promote national coverage and meet the criteria of reliability, stability and security in the supply and provision of services and the generation of electricity, public services of electric transmission and distribution, the electric transmission and distribution that is not part of the public service and the commercialization of electricity.

Check the initiative published today in the Gazette of the Senate of the Republic. As well as the project in the following link: